I’m now into my third decade of watching Cardiff City and for a while I’ve wanted to start writing about the tactics they (and their opponents) use.

Promotion to the Premier League means a lot of different things but, for me, it also means access to a wealth of statistical data, charts, graphics and all sorts to analyse the games. That has all led to this blog being written.

Why the name?

It’s a not particularly clever play on a famous Alan Sugar phrase. He derided the substandard foreign footballers joining the Premier League as Carlos Kickaballs, which has always stuck in my head and jumped up when I was thinking of what to call the blog. It’s about Cardiff, they kick a ball…put the two together and that’s what comes out.

Why does it all look so rubbish?

Yes, I’m working on that. Slowly.

On Twitter?
Yes! https://twitter.com/Cdfkickaball


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